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Counts Family Reunion Board of Directors

President - Brett Compton

Vice President - Phyllis Counts

Secretary/Treasures - Carol Deel


You don't need be a Counts to attend the reunion as John Counts of Glade Hollow has thousands of descendants that do not carry the Counts surname.  Below is a list of a few of the surnames that are common descendants of John Counts.

Amburgey, Anderson, Arrington, Artrip, Bowman, Breeding, Bumgarner, Cantrell, Carter, Childress, Colley, Combs, Compton, Counts,

Deel, Dingus, Dye, Dye, Edwards, Fields, Fleming,  Fuller, Green, Grizzle/Grizzel, Hay, Jessee, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kiser, Long, 

McReynolds, Mullins, Musick, Owens, Powers, Pressley, Rasnick/Rasnake, Ratliff, Robinson, Selfe, Skeen, Smith, Stanley, Sutherland, Sykes,

Taylor, Turner, Viers, Wright, and Yates

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Bill and Toy Sutherland.  Bill is the son of Elihu and Hetty Sutherland and has continued keeping up with our family history.